In ‘Fable Legends’ you can be the hero – or the villain

“Fable Legends,” set hundreds of years before the events in the original “Fable,” looks to be a cross-genre adventure that will challenge players’ co-operative skills – “and also leave plenty of room for those of us who’d prefer to be bad,” writes Xbox Wire.

You’ll get a chance to find out for yourself when the multiplayer beta launches this fall.

In the game, a team of up to four players can take on hero roles drawn from classic RPG archetypes such as protector, archer, rogue and healer, each with looks and personalities that are uniquely “Fable.” A fifth player takes on the role of the villain, setting up traps and generally doing his or her best to hinder the players’ progress.

Check out for beta registration, and to learn more, head over to Xbox Wire.

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff