‘Dance Central Spotlight’ for Xbox One lets you twirl into different venues

In “Dance Central Spotlight” – the fourth entry in Harmonix’s Kinect-enabled franchise – you’re no longer restricted to a single space during a routine, but can twirl away in venues – airports, schools, supermarkets, subways – that transform based on your performance.

During a demo this week at E3 2014, Xbox Wire staff witnessed one of Harmonix’s expert dancers go from “rocking in a low-lit room, to letting loose on the tarmac while planes soared overhead.”

The game, due out in September, makes the most of Kinect 2.0’s voice recognition. At any point during a song, for example, players can say “Hey DJ, practice that,” to enter a tutorial loop for a particular move. They can slow things down, issue instructions – such as “Got it,” “Skip it,” and “Nailed it” – then pick up right where they left off.

To learn more, head over to Xbox Wire.

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff