‘D4’ from Hidetaka Suehiro coming to Xbox One exclusively

“D4,” from Hidetaka Suehiro (director of “Deadly Premonition”), sets a noir-like mood as you play the role of David Young, a former police detective-turned-private eye who is obsessed with getting to the bottom of his wife’s murder.

The game world is a blending of reality, David’s fantasies, and his ability to travel back in time and experience things as they happened in the past. It’s all presented with a stylish, cel-shaded look with plenty of character and slick animation and lighting, writes Xbox Wire. The single-player only game will be available exclusively for the Xbox One this year.

“D4” – short for “Dark Dreams Don’t Die” – is a Kinect-driven game, with motion controls being a major part of the experience, letting you reach out to examine objects or execute quick deflect gestures to ward off attackers. But you can also play it while sitting on the couch, even with a controller, if that’s your preference.

To learn more, head over to Xbox Wire.

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff