South Carolina’s Chester County School District includes Windows 8 devices in its education approach

In a post on the Microsoft in Education blog, Margo Day, vice president of U.S. education for Microsoft, shares Chester County School District Superintendent Dr. Agnes Slayman’s approach to using technology to help connect the South Carolina rural district’s 5,526 students and prepare them for the future.

Microsoft’s partnership with the White House’s ConnectED initiative is based on bringing lower-cost technology into the classroom, empowering students and teachers with the best learning environment, and providing schools with the tools being used by businesses around the world to prepare students for success in the future.

When asked by Day what devices those students are using, Slayman tells her, “Windows-based devices were selected based on our priorities of Microsoft Windows 8, a long battery life, and durability.”

Head over to the Microsoft in Education blog to read more from Slayman and the district’s new approach to teaching, an initiative dubbed hiTEC: “Helping Integrate Technology, Education and Careers.”

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff