How using the cloud is helping insurance companies make better – and faster – decisions

In separate posts on the Microsoft Vertical Industries blog, officials with insurance companies Numerix and Milliman explain why their companies turned to Microsoft Azure to help make more-informed decisions and to arrive at them more quickly.

James J. Jockle, Numerix chief marketing officer, writes that in the world of complex modelling for complex problems, “the competitive advantage is in the ability to get the most precise answer possible – running approximations, or sampling on small portfolios is no longer an answer. The days of ‘good enough’ are ‘no good.’ ”

To help clients’ manage portfolio complexity and big compute, he writes, Numerix partnered with Microsoft and Microsoft Azure to provide “a turnkey solution to getting to the cloud. Together, we’re bringing the best-of-breed capital markets models along with the compute required to enable better business decisions.”

Cindy Saccocia, sales and marketing director for Integrate, Milliman’s technology for risk management and maximizing efficiency, writes that the “increasing regulatory and competitive challenges facing life insurance companies, compounded by outdated computing platforms and inefficient workflows, presented an opportunity for insurers to rethink their actuarial modelling and financial reporting.”

“Delivered as software-as-a-service, and powered by Microsoft Azure’s secure and reliable cloud platform, Integrate replaces patchwork systems and processes with a holistic, automated modelling environment,” she writes. “Being a cloud-based solution, it delivers benefits in cost, time and labor savings.”

To learn more, read Jockle’s post here, and Saccocia’s post here.

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff