Enter Surface ‘Transformation Challenge’ and you could win $1,000 and prominent spots on DeviantART, Motherboard sites

On Tuesday, the Surface Team announced the “Transformation Challenge – Drawn Together with Surface,” which gives you two weeks to submit a three-panel drawing of a radical transformation of yourself or a fictional character.

The three grand prize winners will be featured as a billboard on DeviantART and Motherboard’s websites. They’ll also be flown to the studios of Jasper Wong, Jordan Crane and Dash Shaw for a day-long internship to work together to create a new piece of art using Surface Pro 3s. And, there are prizes of $1,000 for those winners.

When the Surface Pro 3 was announced recently, so was Microsoft’s partnership with Adobe as well as changes coming to Photoshop. That partnership is about drawing, sketching and illustrating on Surface, making it an even better experience for artists – professionals and hobbyists.

To learn more about “Transformation Challenge – Drawn Together with Surface,” head over to the Surface Blog.

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff