Building cloud-powered and data-smart businesses is good for the insurance industry

At the upcoming annual IASA Conference in Indianapolis, Tony Jacob, managing director for Worldwide Insurance at Microsoft, will be meeting senior business and IT leaders from the insurance industry to discuss how cloud and big data technologies can help them better identify risks, drive innovation and increase speed to market – while dramatically reducing cost and complexity.  

The insurance industry could find that a cloud-powered data platform to store and harness data, combined with the right end-user tools to visualize insights from that data, could be a game changer for it.

The Microsoft Azure cloud and SQL Server data platforms combine data storage, access, aggregation, analysis, visualization and collaboration across a single integrated solution that can deliver insights to the fingertips of every employee through Office 365.

Read more about how the insurance industry could benefit from cloud-powered and data-smart business practices on the Microsoft Vertical Industries blog.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff