Microsoft’s life science partners explain why they rely on SharePoint

In a recently released white paper, Microsoft’s partners offer first-person accounts of what the SharePoint experience has been like for them and their customers over the years. They also explain why they rely on SharePoint as their go-to platform for their life sciences applications.

In the white paper, you can read about the specific solutions each partner offers to help with processes across the life sciences value chain — from early-stage discovery and clinical trials to FDA submissions and manufacturing. Testimonials from Pharmica Consulting, NextDocs and ePharmaSolutions are included in the document.

Just as the life sciences industry and technology have evolved over the years, so too has SharePoint. Initially, it was offered as an on-premises solution only. Now it is also offered in the cloud. This is spurring a leap forward in how life sciences customers can use the platform to innovate — especially when it comes to enabling collaboration among global teams in a highly secure, compliant environment.

Read more about how SharePoint has helped the life sciences industry on the Microsoft in Health blog.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff