How to stay ahead of the real-life hackers in ‘Watch Dogs’ for Xbox One

In “Watch Dogs,” your game literally can be invaded by other players using the Hacking and Tailing modes to intrude. There are ways to send your opponents slinking away though, and Xbox Wire shares tactics for good defense with both modes, as well as how to turn the tables and go on the offense.

If you’ve been hacked, you’ll get a notice in the game, followed by a highlighted circle on your mini-map showing where the hacker is hiding. Your job is to profile that hacker with the facial recognition software on your phone before the hack is completed. Then you’ve got to find the intruder before the hack is completed; otherwise, say bye-bye to your data and a chunk of your online Notoriety Points.

Learn more about Hacking and Tailing modes in “Watch Dogs” by heading over to Xbox Wire.

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff