IDC study shows telecommunications companies could reap $235 billion by being smart with big data

Microsoft recently sponsored an IDC study to better understand what actions by “data smart” organizations in the communications and media industries yield the most impactful outcomes—both in terms of business growth and efficiency. As Rick Lievano, worldwide director of industry technology strategy for the Microsoft Telecommunications Sector, explains, the research found $235 billion to be potential net value of the “data dividend” over a four-year period for this sector – if telecommunications companies become smart with big data.

This could include using modern analytics tools to glean insights from data and making those insights available to the right decision makers across the company.

Head over to the Microsoft Vertical Industries blog to find out more about the IDC study – including checking out much more of the infographic that visually depicts the results – and the ongoing TM Forum Live! in Nice, France where telecommunications companies are reinventing their businesses to become digital service providers. After all, the world’s appetite for data and content continues to grow — which means telecommunications companies can plan on ongoing investments in next-generation infrastructure to keep up with that growing demand, even as they’re figuring out what to do with their data assets.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff