Bing’s fifth birthday: Home pages, more helpful results and touch-first experiences

The idea of launching a browser, going to a website and typing in a search box? That’s so 2009. Since June 3, 2009 – Bing’s introduction to the public with a mission to refresh search by helping them do more, not just search more – a lot has happened.

The Bing Search Blog has turned back the clock on its auspicious fifth anniversary, recollecting big milestones like home page imagery, semantic technology, social integration, touch-first experience and a 3-column format that showed you what the Web, Bing and people knew about queries. Bing’s early investments in its knowledge repository began to pay dividends with the disclosure that it now understood billions of people, places and things from all over the globe. For example, Bing knows that “Chrysler Building” isn’t just text on a page, but a thing that has windows, floors and offices. Recently, the Bing Platform put advanced intelligence in places like Cortana and multilingual abilities in Facebook and Twitter.

Head over to the Bing Search Blog to read more about the past five years of Bing and what’s ahead for the next five.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff