The Internet of Things is not science fiction; it’s real and it’s about business

At the recent Solid 2014 conference in San Francisco, Microsoft’s Windows Embedded team demonstrated what’s on the horizon as the company’s technologies evolve to stretch the limits of what things will become part of the Internet of Things.

In the video here, taken at Solid 2014, Steve Teixeira, a director of program management at Microsoft, talks about innovation in the Internet of Things, from Windows interfaces on tiny chips to universal apps, anticipatory computing and more.

Even as Microsoft pushes the frontier of what’s possible, what’s new and what’s next, when it comes to the Internet of Things, “Microsoft’s always been about business,” writes Barb Edson, Windows Embedded general manager, marketing and business development. “The Internet of Things isn’t science fiction for us; it’s about generating bankable business value for our customers by connecting devices, data and services.”

Watch the video, and to read Edson’s post, head over to the Windows Embedded Blog.

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff