New ‘Work Wonders Project’ uses Office 365 to do good, bridge gap between philosophical opponents

The challenge is on: “Pencils of Promise” founder Adam Braun believes schools are the future, and education reformer Sugata Mitra thinks they’re obsolete. But the two are joining together in The Work Wonders Project to collaborate on ways to revolutionize education, including using Office 365 to do it.

Braun, whose nonprofit program has built 200 “Pencil of Promise” schools in Laos, Guatemala and Ghana, will work with Mitra, a TED prize winner and a professor of educational technology, who will bring his cloud-based, elementary education approach to Braun’s schools in Ghana.

You’ll be able to watch these two very bright minds as they work together to achieve positive results in a YouTube series that launches June 2.

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff