In the UK, Microsoft Advertising starts #EatAdWaffle campaign to expose ridiculous ad words

In the U.K. advertising industry, they have as much of a problem as we do in the U.S. with lots of abbreviations, acronyms and loads of “waffle” – meaningless words – writes Leena Shah on the Microsoft Advertising blog.

Microsoft Advertising wants to “demystify the waffle from the terms you need to know, in a creative, yet light-hearted way,” so starting Monday, look for the #EatAdWaffle campaign. “We want you to share the funniest and most ridiculous advertising waffle you’ve heard (or used!) throughout your career” using the #EatAdWaffle hashtag, Shaw writes.

The plan is to turn the 10 best examples of such ad industry terms into graphics that can be shared, in an attempt to simplify and “help people digest and make sense of ‘ad waffle.’”

Learn more about this campaign by heading over to the Microsoft Advertising blog.

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff