Introducing MS Gooroo, a new global resource for building technology careers

MS Gooroo is a new online community for technology professionals that aims to accurately match people to jobs, careers, companies and training all over the world.

As the BizSpark Australia blog explains, MS Gooroo “is initially targeting technologists who have some proven skills with the Microsoft technology stack.” The site taps into a market with more than 10 million Microsoft-specific jobs advertised each year and about 100 million IT professionals in this category. After a beta launch earlier in May, MS Gooroo now has about 1 million Microsoft-related technology jobs available from companies around the globe.

MS Gooroo’s statistics engine maps career salary curves, providing members with an opportunity to project future earnings and increase their chances for more with training courses and certifications.

Read more about MS Gooroo on the BizSpark Australia blog.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff