Meet teachers around the world finding novel ways to bring technology into classrooms

During May, the Microsoft Educator Network is focusing on the appreciation of teachers all over the world. On the Microsoft in Education blog, they share stories of educators and the innovations they bring to their students every day, despite daily challenges and barriers.

For instance, you can read about Kurt Soser, whose school has 300 computers in 10 computer labs that use Office 365 and the cloud. They also bring professionals such as lawyers, farmers and financial consultants into the classroom to expose students to real-world experience. In Portugal, Luis Fernandes and his teachers have raised $55,000 for their projects, allowing them to bring Windows 8 tablets and 3D printers to their students. Students use apps in their music, physical education and science classes every day.

Read more about these and other teachers on the Microsoft in Education blog.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff