Advertisers: Use Bing Ads to reach customers searching for summer travel

Now is the time for advertisers in travel-related industries to think about their online ad campaigns and how to take advantage of consumer travel spending trends. Travel sites see a spike in May and June as people start thinking seriously about their summer plans, while searches peak in July as people finalize plans. If you hope to catch that increase in travel searches, your campaigns should be going out at the start of summer.

On the Yahoo Bing Network, there was strong growth in cruise bookings in the first quarter of 2014, with 21.7 million consumers expected to cruise this year. In fact, compared to Google, Bing’s audience is more likely to have searched for information about cruises in the past six months. Lodging searches are also up, driven in part by online services such as Airbnb.

Travel Weekly says that 30 percent of travelers booked reservations or other travel items on mobile devices in 2013 – a 25 percent increase over 2012. The Yahoo Bing Network audience is 20 percent more likely than Google’s to look each week for travel content with a mobile device.

To find more tips that can help you lock in summer travelers, head over to the Bing Ads blog.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff