Career training college to provide more than 5,800 Surface 2 devices to students this year

CDI College, one of Canada’s leading career training institutions, will provide more than 5,800 Surface 2 devices to students by the end of this summer.

“We need to provide students with the tools they will use when they graduate and the skills that will translate in the future as technology continues to evolve, so the Surface 2 and Microsoft software was perfect for us,” said Dr. Bohdan Bilan, CDI College vice president of academics and regulatory affairs, in a press release.

The college has 26 campuses around the country, and recently completed a pilot program using Surface devices at its Ajax, Ontario campus and is now running another pilot program at its Surrey, British Columbia campus.

Students so far have used their Surface devices for much of their educational needs, including accessing the college’s course materials and assignments online, accessing and reading e-books, using Office 2013 to complete class assignments, saving and sharing files with OneDrive, communicating with faculty and fellow students through email, chat and Skype, and submitting assignments for classes and real-time peer review.

To learn more, read the press release.

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff