Improvements to Bing’s Smart Search makes Windows even easier to use

Smart Search powered by Bing in Windows 8.1 was built so you could swipe or type from the Start screen to find what you need. Now, you’ll see improvements that speed up that process.

Have you ever tried to get something done on your device but weren’t exactly sure what you were looking for? Based on the most common tasks people perform on Windows 8, Smart Search delivers results based on natural language understanding. Now, when you search for “install a printer,” Smart Search shows that task lives within “Device settings.” Click on that, and off you go.

Or type, “get apps for windows,” and Smart Search gives you a link to the Windows Store.

Update to the latest release of Windows 8 to start using these improvements, which also include improving common spelling mistakes in the Smart Search bar, and read more about these recent developments on the Bing Search Blog.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff