Microsoft helps form Core Infrastructure Initiative to support critical open source projects

Microsoft announced Friday a continuation of its investments in the open source software community, this time as a founding member of the Core Infrastructure Initiative (CII). The CII will identify and fund open source projects that comprise critical elements of the global information infrastructure.

The CII began as a result of the recent OpenSSL “Heartbleed” vulnerability, which, according to Netcraft’s April 2014 Web Server Survey, may have affected nearly 66 percent of active sites on the Internet. 

“Although customers running Microsoft services are not affected by this vulnerability, we know that security is an industrywide issue requiring industrywide collaboration,” writes Steve Lipner, partner director of software security at Microsoft.

For more on Microsoft’s participation in CII and other open source software initiatives, read Lipner’s post on the Trustworthy Computing blog.

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Steve Clarke
Microsoft News Center Staff