Find out how Microsoft fights advertising fraud

Microsoft’s diverse portfolio of assets – such as Bing, Windows 8, MSN, Skype, Xbox and – and the number of consumers who use its products are very attractive to its brand partners, but also make the company a target for advertising fraud. To counter incursions such as botnets, click fraud and other schemes, Microsoft Advertising has developed a variety of solutions that focus on prevention, detection and mitigation to identify and address suspicious activity.

Business and engineering teams are working 24-7 around the globe to detect fraudulent activity. New methods of fraud detection include updates to filters that automatically identify bots, low-quality and invalid clicks that won’t be billed to advertisers. Online forensics and traffic quality engineers are also investigating fraudulent and low-quality traffic signals.

Microsoft has an extensive process for filtering and monitoring inventory to mitigate fraud and evaluate traffic against known fraud patterns. The goal is to make sure advertisers don’t feel the impact of bad traffic and that consumers are protected from rogue ads that could lead to phishing, malware and other fraudulent practices.

To get more details on how Microsoft is on the front lines in the battle against advertising fraud, head over to the Microsoft Advertising Blog.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff