Yes, we wore silly hats, but it was for a good cause

Troy Barnes wore a furry yellow-and-white monkey hat into battle last week, and his five-person Microsoft team also donned animal-themed hats promoting “Zoo Tycoon,” but it wasn’t just for laughs. The team went up against six other companies, including Amazon, Expedia and Nordstrom, in the “Build for Good” competition. Team Xbox created a working, automated and 3D version of “Zoo Tycon” using LEGO’s Mindstorms EV3 kit to build robots that would address everyday problems.

The team’s display featured robots ZETA and ECHO (Zookeeper Extraordinaire Technical Assistant and Exhibit Crate Hauling Overseer, respectively) dropping exhibits into place and ensuring the animals were all pellet-fed.

Lots of hours and determination went into the project. Barnes shares the details in a Q-and-A. To read it, head over to Xbox Wire.

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff