Yammer Blog series tells you how to make the most of an enterprise social network

In a new series of five blog posts, Yammer will lay out what it takes to successfully deploy an enterprise social network (ESN). The first post, now available, presents three of the most important things to keep in mind as an organization takes these first few steps.

For example, many companies dive right into the social journey without a clear idea of what they expect employees to get out of it, nor specific metrics that look at how it will drive business value. At a minimum, be clear on how the ESN adds value – is it simply to capture and share best practices? Is it for employees to find and connect with experts? The more specific an organization can be about the most important pain points to correct, the more focused and useful an ESN will be.

Organizations also need to define the new types of relationships that will be created and deepened in these new social arenas. Norms and practices will be an extension of its current culture.

Finally, it’s important to tie social efforts back to business goals.

To read the rest of this first post, head over to The Yammer Blog.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff