Programmers: Naiad platform makes it easy to get data into Azure

During Microsoft Research’s recent Silicon Valley TechFair, the “Naiad on Azure: Rich, Interactive Cloud Analytics” project showcased an aspect of the big-data movement that focuses on enabling data analysts to develop an application and then deploy it seamlessly to the cloud.

Naiad, a .NET-based platform for high-throughput, low-latency data analysis, includes tools built atop Microsoft Azure to deliver interactive analyses of huge data sets.

“We have made it easy for people to get their data into Azure, feed it into Naiad, start processing, and serve it using Azure websites,” says Derek Murray, a researcher at Microsoft Research Silicon Valley.

The team has recently released the DryadLINQ and Naiad frameworks, as open-source software for developers who want to work with Big Data using Microsoft Azure, making it easy for developers to try out and adopt the frameworks for commercial use.

You can get more details at the Big Data for Developers website, but for programmers, the next step for is to take Naiad — and its cousin project, DryadLINQ— out for a spin.

Head over to Inside Microsoft Research to find out more about Naiad.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff