Get crackin’! Win an Xbox One and Surface Pro 2 in the Great Skype Easter Egg Hunt

You could win an Xbox One and Surface Pro 2 in the Great Skype Easter Egg Hunt, now underway and continuing through April 21.

The Easter Bunny has visited Skype’s social profiles and hidden five “eggmoticons,” eggs with cute faces. They’re scattered around Skype’s Facebook, @Skype Twitter, @SkypeMoments Twitter, Instagram and YouTube pages. For a chance to win prizes, you need to find all five eggmoticons on those social channels. Then, sign into Skype, select “Add a contact,” and search for the Skype ID “Skype Easter Basket.” Then, using the emoticon library, IM the matching emoticons to “Skype Easter Basket.”

One winner will receive an Xbox One, Surface Pro 2 and – bonus! – Skype will immortalize you as an emoticon.

Meanwhile, if you’re planning your family’s own Easter egg hunt, invite relatives to share in the fun, no matter where they live, using Skype. Grandma and Grandpa can send your child on an egg hunt they planned from miles away. Or, watch from your far-away destination as your nieces and nephews search.

Hop over to the Skype Play Blog to learn more about using Skype for a family-wide egg hunt, and to the Skype Big Blog to learn more about the Great Skype Easter Egg Hunt.

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff