You’re not crazy, the music for ‘Super Time Force’ is like reliving the Nintendo years

If you’ve seen any videos of Capybara Games’ upcoming “Super Time Force” — a “time-bending, side-scrolling shooter with some of the most beautiful pixel art this side of the 1980s” according to Xbox Wire — you’ve probably heard the music of Jason “6955″ DeGroot.

His hypnotizing soundtrack is the backdrop for the frenetic action in the game, and it’s all based around NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) sounds, he says, which are “simple pulse/triangle/noise waves.”

The Toronto-based musician says he has always enjoyed using those sounds to “make what starts out as old-school game music … but after a minute or two, it’s evolved into an outer space journey.”

To read more of the interview with DeGroot, head over to Xbox Wire.

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff