Set up to show personalized news, weather and more

Starting Wednesday, a set of personalized cards on the Bing home page will help you keep track of things that matter to you. Set up your interests in Bing settings and you will start seeing personalized news, weather, flights, stocks and more to come.

At Build, you saw a preview of the Bing-powered Cortana, which will ship with the upcoming release of Windows Phone 8.1. One of the things that makes Cortana so helpful is her ability to learn about your preferences and interests. It’s the Bing platform that makes this possible, developed through years of machine learning and big data experience doing Web search.


As long as you’re signed in, Bing will remember your interests and notify you, as appropriate, across a range of Bing-powered Microsoft services, such as Cortana and the Bing Sports app, for example.

Check out the Bing Search Blog to find out more about these personalization of the home page.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff