Building an efficient future began in the cloud for facility service provider ABM

ABM, one of the largest facility service providers in the U.S., acquired The Linc Group in 2010, and needed to figure out how to deal with with several work-order management systems that could relay work activity to employees in the field. A solution, developed by Xelleration, led ABM to the cloud.

ABM needed to develop a solution that “pulled information across platforms into a simple interface,” write Katie Knoll and Anthony Novotne of Xelleration. Workers needed to be able to view the status of current work activities, take on new ones and earn rewards to encourage efficiency and quality, “all inside a secure device agnostic field-deployable application.”

Using Microsoft Azure, Xelleration and other partners crafted an application called “Social Compulsion,” which united ABM’s international workforce together as one, integrating with other work order management solutions while providing backward compatibility for legacy systems.

With Social Compulsion, high-performing employees are acknowledged on a leaderboard and are given the first opportunity to either accept or reject a work activity.

To learn more, head over to the US Partner Team blog.

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff