Microsoft Azure updates include improvements to websites, virtual machines and mobile services

The Microsoft Azure team has made big improvements to several areas, including websites, virtual machines, virtual networks, mobile services and notification hubs.

For instance, there is now general availability support of Traffic Manager with Azure websites, which can improve the performance and availability of websites. The team has also added support for an additional server language with Azure Web Sites – Java. This makes it easy to deploy and run Java Web applications written using a variety of frameworks and containers. Also new: a basic tier option for Azure websites, at a savings of 25 percent. 

With the most recent Azure SDK 2.3 release, it is now possible to create Virtual Machines from directly inside Visual Studio’s Server Explorer. Within mobile services, there’s now a preview of Visual Studio support for .NET, Azure Active Directory integration and offline support.

All of these improvements – and much more — are now available to use immediately (some features are still in preview). Find out all about them in this blog post on ScottGu’s Blog.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff