Microsoft Research Asia helps scientists turn big data into big discoveries

Beijing-based Microsoft Research Asia has collaborated closely with domestic and international researchers on a wide range of topics to help researchers apply Microsoft Azure, the company’s cloud-computing platform, to data-intensive scientific research.

The Microsoft Research Connections Blog goes into depth about five examples of MSR’s collaborative efforts to harness the power of the cloud for scientific research in diverse disciplines such as the environment, data modeling, biological computing, climate change and urban computing.

For example, understanding ecological and hydrologic processes and their interactions in large watersheds is vital in producing sustainable freshwater supplies. As part of a major new research program, Peking University professor Chunmiao Zheng and researcher Guoliang Cao are using Microsoft Azure to support comprehensive data processing and numerical modeling of the hydrologic cycle of the Heihe River Basin. Their work also develops cloud computing as a cost-effective solution to large-scale integrated eco-hydrologic modeling.

Head over to the Microsoft Research Connections Blog to get more details about these collaborative projects.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff