5 things we love about ‘Kinect Sports Rivals’

Action-packed party sports – wake racing, target shooting, rock climbing, bowling, tennis and soccer – are all part of “Kinect Sports Rivals,” released this week for Xbox One. But the game also delivers some features that make it unrivaled.

Five aspects of “Kinect Sports Rivals” that we especially like:

· The first time you fire up the game, it asks you to get in close to your Kinect so it can scan and digitally rebuild your face – right in front of you – to create your accurate and custom Champion.

· Sabotage is allowed here – block a goal in soccer, for example, then punch it straight back into your opponent’s goal.

· Power-Ups, both offensive and defensive, give the game a definite arcade-like, party game feel.

· “Kinect Sports Rivals” Hub is an an additional, separate piece of the action that allows you to jump in and check leaderboards, your game progress, and share photos of your Champion – all without loading up the game itself.

· Cliff Paul. A sponsorship mechanic lets your Champion earn extra money and fans, but to do so, you need to defeat Cliff Paul, the alter-ego of Los Angeles Clippers point guard Chris Paul.

To learn more, head over to Xbox Wire.

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff