Microsoft Spectrum Observatory shows how wireless airwaves are used

Microsoft released all of the source code March 31 for the Microsoft Spectrum Observatory under an open source software license, a move that will increase opportunity for collaboration with academics, governments and others interested in learning more about how wireless spectrum is used.

The Microsoft Spectrum Observatory was created to provide a more intuitive presentation of how spectrum is used throughout the world. The observatory collects frequency usage data from sensor base stations. At each location, monitoring stations record data and send the data to the Microsoft Azure cloud to be stored and processed for visualization. Users can go online to the observatory website to generate detailed reports and graphs showing spectrum usage in each location.

The data provided by the Spectrum Observatory is particularly useful for government regulators who are looking for new methods of managing spectrum that are flexible and efficient. Under current licensing systems, access to most spectrum bands is limited to a strict set of users and applications, so a significant amount of spectrum is unused in any given time or place.

To find out more about managing spectrum, head over to Microsoft on the Issues.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff