12 projects win 2014 Microsoft Research Awards for the Software Engineering Innovations Foundation

The Software Engineering Innovations Foundation (SEIF) has sponsored research into core software engineering challenges, and also funded investigations into software engineering’s applications in mobile and cloud computing and natural user interface(NUI). Some 70 reviewers from across Microsoft conducted an internal review of 129 proposals to select the 12 winning projects of the 2014 Microsoft Research Awards. The recipients will each receive $40,000.

For 2014, SEIF invited proposals addressing core software engineering challenges as well as those delving into the application of software engineering to the Internet of Things and large-scale cloud infrastructure. These latter two areas were explored as a partnership between Lab of Things and Global Foundation Services, respectively.

Head over to the Microsoft Research Connections Blog to see who won and to find out more about SEIF.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff