How Bing’s personal, intelligent approach is used with Cortana

Bing technology powers Cortana, your new personal assistant in Windows Phone 8.1, and while the results you’ll get will reflect Bing’s extensive knowledge, there’s also more to Cortana than reciting facts and figures.

The technology behind Cortana reflects Bing’s “massive investments toward indexing the real world,” using speech recognition, language understanding and stream processing that, when put together, make Bing more personal, helpful and intelligent, writes Mike Calcagno, Bing partner development manager.

“When you first launch Cortana from your Windows Phone, she takes time to get to know you by asking basic questions to better understand your needs, including your name, your food preferences, what category of movie you like and more,” he writes. “Over time, Bing can observe, learn, and when confident make helpful suggestions to you.”

As an example of how Cortana works, he cites his upcoming trip to Frankfurt. The airline sends Calcagno a confirmation email that includes his itinerary, flight number, where he’s leaving from and where he’s going.

“These items are recognized as structured data and are transmitted to the agent system within Bing, which recognizes them as potential actions,” he writes. “Bing notes the locations, flight number, time and date and passes along a prompt to Windows Phone asking if I would like to be reminded of the flight. Fast forward a week. The stream processing system in Bing is proactively monitoring the status of Flight DL 0410, which, thankfully, is on time. Two hours before my flight, Bing sends me a notification on my Windows Phone, including real-time status of not only my flight, but traffic updates and directions to JFK along with a venue map of the airport.”

To learn more about the technology behind Cortana, head over to Bing’s blog.

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff