From ‘Halo’ to your Windows Phone, make life chaos-free with Cortana

Face it, we could all use a little extra assistance from someone who knows your routines, your people and the stuff you need to get done every day. Sadly, we all can’t have our own personal assistant, but if you’ve got Windows Phone 8.1, you can have a virtual one.

Meet Cortana.

She has an excellent resume that “Halo” fans already know well, with helping Master Chief save the universe topping her accomplishments.

Cortana’s addition to the next iteration of Windows Phone is the result of years of work from researchers, engineers and designers across Microsoft.

“She is a combination of advanced technology across areas like search, natural language and machine learning that Microsoft has been able to bring to life, along with a distinct personality that is inspired by one of the biggest franchises in Xbox history,” says Windows Phone Group Program Manager Marcus Ash.

Cortana’s strength lies in her ability to adapt and predict your needs. For example, she knows when you’re planning to travel. She’ll track your flight, advise you when to leave early due to bad traffic, inform you of the weather at your destination and keep you up to date on developments.

To read more about Cortana’s evolution from “Halo” artificial intelligence to your virtual personal assistant, check out Xbox Wire.

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Aimee Riordan
Microsoft News Center Staff