Bing at Build 2014: Don’t just search more. Do more.

The future of search is about building a platform that enables applications and devices to empower people with the knowledge to help them do more, not just search more.

At Build 2014 Wednesday, the Bing team showcased work they did to enable Cortana on Windows Phone. By building a new set of Bing-powered services, Bing created a new experience that is more personal, intelligent and helpful, says Bing Senior Director Stefan Weitz.

Last year at Build, Bing took the first step toward making its services available to third-party developers via a set of easy-to-implement controls. Today, Bing is taking it a step further with three new options for developers and publishers:

· Making Windows and Windows Phone apps more discoverable using app linking.
· Enabling voice or text commands that invoke an app or functions deep within it.
· Enhancing any website or blog with the power of the Bing knowledge engine, or Knowledge Widget, to deepen engagement.

There are more updates to come to help developers create experiences that are more personalized, more contextually aware and more proactive.

Check out the Bing Developer Center for more information and the Bing Blog for more on Build 2014.

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Aimee Riordan
Microsoft News Center Staff