Microsoft Research launches Climate Data award program

Microsoft Research has launched a Climate Data award program, which includes 12 months of free Windows Azure cloud computing resources. The grants will go to 40 recipients selected from proposals submitted by June 15. Each award provides up to 180,000 hours of cloud-computing time and 20 terabytes of cloud storage.

These awards are part of the ongoing Windows Azure for Research program, through which Microsoft Research provides grants of cloud computing resources, as well as in-person and online training on how to use Windows Azure for scientific and scholarly research.

Microsoft also provides free services and business intelligence tools for all researchers, such as FetchClimate, a fast and intelligent environmental information-retrieval service that provides past and present observational data and climate prediction information.

Head over to the Microsoft Research Connections Blog for more information on the Climate Data award program and tools like FetchClimate.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff