Microsoft’s professional development program gives educators year-round support and training

At this week’s Microsoft in Education Global Forum, more than 1,100 attendees are getting a crash course on education innovation, but they’re also going home with free professional development programs to help them the rest of the year.

For some schools, Microsoft’s professional development program is the foundation of their technology programs. The company has invested $750 million in free training and support for the past 15 years to help educators in a new era of digital learning. Microsoft provides product-specific training along with ongoing, integrated professional development. 

Teachers can receive help through peer coaching, teaching with technology and digital literacy. They also have access to ongoing peer collaboration and learning through the Educator Network, providing mentoring, feedback and inspiration from education innovators throughout the world.

School leaders can access coursework that helps them manage the changes that come with classroom technology.

Head over to the Microsoft in Education blog to find out more about the professional development Microsoft provides to educators and school leaders.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff