Magma Mobile’s 14 games reap 2.5 million downloads in three months on Windows Phone

In only three months, the French studio Magma Mobile has ported 14 games to Windows Phone and accrued 2.5 million downloads. The Windows Phone Developer Blog shares a Q&A with Magma’s CEO, Nicolas Sorel, which reveals his story and successful strategies.

Sorel is a one-time .NET MVP and Windows Mobile developer who returned – with his company – to Microsoft via Windows Phone and Unity in November 2013, taking advantage of the easy app porting tools.

“Now with Unity 4.2, we deploy our games on Windows Phone. The transition was easy, and business-wise, it is the right time to be on Windows Phone,” Sorel says. “We do very little to actively market the games on Windows Phone, and yet our extraordinary download rate means Windows Phone enjoys high user confidence.”

The company’s most successful Windows Phone game, in terms of the number of downloads, is “Burger (700,000 in three months). “Plumber” (602,000), “Snakes and Apples” (271,000), Smash” (244,000), and “Bowling 3D” (156,000) are other Windows Phone titles whose download volumes hit record highs, just weeks after release.

Sorel says, “We build ‘casual’ or ‘waiting room’ games. Our games require thought and offer many hours of play because they consist of hundreds, if not thousands, of levels. In ‘Burger,’ players can advance through more than 300 levels and earn 40 different achievements. We wanted to create something casual yet engaging.”

Head over to the Windows Phone Developer Blog to read all of Sorel’s insights, including how the company makes money through in-app advertising and in-app purchases.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff