Get ready for ‘Titanfall’ with these three apps for Xbox One

As you gear up for the March 11 release of “Titanfall,” you’ll definitely want to get the apps for Twitch, “Machinima Wingman” and Upload Studio to make sure you’re ready to go “on air” with your own “Titanfall” gameplay, writes Xbox Wire.

Twitch broadcasting, which lets you share your gameplay experiences with the world, will be available for all Xbox One owners on March 11. In the video above, Major Nelson walks you through how to prepare for it.

Another key feature that will take your “Titanfall” gaming experience to the next level is “Machinima Wingman,” which gives you in-game tips for “Titanfall.”

You’ll also want to get Upload Studio, which lets you edit your game clips and share them with your community.

Learn more about these apps on Xbox Wire and on Major Nelson’s blog.

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff