Fresh Paint a Day

For an artist living in the seaside city of Brighton, England, space to store huge paintings can be hard to come by. Lucky for Natasha Nicole, creator of Fresh Paint A Day, she discovered the Windows Fresh Paint app, which gave her an artistic outlet close to the texture of real paint.

Fresh Paint A Day is a stunning image gallery of portraits that Natasha created to have space to store and share her innovative work. Her interests in new apps, new technology and new ways to be creative led her to the app. After downloading Windows 8 and playing around with Fresh Paint to make sketches, she decided to create a space to showcase her work all together – the Fresh Paint A Day project. Using Fresh Paint inspired Natasha to introduce more color into her work, because unlike real oil painting, trying out new color combinations came with no risk of ruining her work. When asked about her inspiration for her project, Natasha responded: 

“I love that I can take my pencil drawings and paint over them using a variety of different canvases, paintbrushes and colors. I find it to be freer than using my traditional pencil and it’s a great way to take the subject of models and fashion and experiment with new techniques.” 

Though she began using Fresh Paint on her Windows 8 laptop, Natasha now uses a Surface Pro and digital paintbrushes on Windows 8.1. This has made a drastic difference in the quality of her work because the experience is more life-like and feels more like real painting. 

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Rob Wolf
Microsoft News Center Staff