Four things small business owners can learn from Sochi medal winners

With all the Winter Games coverage the past few weeks, it’s not hard to imagine how strategies employed by world-class athletes can be useful in other endeavors too, such as succeeding with a small business.

The Microsoft SMB Blog’s Cindy Bates has these insights:

Trust your instincts, like Sage Kotsenburg when he pulled out the “backside 1620 Japan” move to win at slopestyle. This bold jump paid off, just like bold business moves can often make the difference between succeeding and just skating by.

Push through, even when it’s tough, like Julia Mancuso, who won the bronze in Alpine skiing. There are unglamorous things about owning a small business, but being willing to do the tough stuff is what separates the winners from the pack.

Head over to the Microsoft SMB Blog for the final two tips and get your small business into game shape.

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Aimee Riordan
Microsoft News Center Staff