Are you a rule-breaking entrepreneur? Celebrate with Skype and be recognized

Skype started as a rule-breaking idea, and rewrote the ways in which business is done. Are you doing the same thing with your business? Skype is a sponsor of the RuleBreaker Awards, and if you went off the traditional or expected path with your business, and changed the rules in the process, consider entering this contest and being recognized.

Through March 31, you can nominate yourself or even someone you admire for the RuleBreaker Awards. Fifteen entrepreneurs in the technology, retail, manufacturing, food/restaurant and service areas will be given awards. Nominations can be submitted online, and winners will be selected by popular vote and industry judges. Winners will be honored in a ceremony in New York in June. At that event, one small business innovator will be chosen as the “Rule Breaker of the Year.”

To learn more details, head over to Skype’s Workspace Blog, and check out the RuleBreaker Awards site.

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff