Throw an award-winning Oscars party with help from these apps

Whether you’re a newbie to Academy Award viewing shindigs or a polished veteran, the Windows Experience Blog has collected tips that could help bring home the best party statuette Sunday, using Windows apps.

To experience that sweet taste of victory in a triumphant betting pool – such as one you print out and bring to the party or one you fill out online – you can bolster your chances with Flixster, which shows box office stats and movie reviews for the award contenders. It also lists local show times if you have to catch up at the last minute. Some of the nominees in smaller, more obscure categories are available on the Netflix app for Windows.

Unless you’re the sort of fancy-pants host that likes providing all the awards eats to your guests, your party will probably fall into the potluck category. Allrecipes can help plan a menu you can delegate to your attendees. Or, abdicate responsibility altogether and order in! Use Urbanspoon on your PC or Yelpon your Windows Phone to find nearby choices.

The blog post also makes a good point about having diversions on hand: “Let’s face it, the awards and speechifying can get pretty boring unless someone falls down or stages a bizarre interpretive dance number.” So fill time with apps such as Wonderwall (gowns and gossip galore!), “Movie Trivia” (a quiz-show style game, with a variety of movie genres) and “Movie Poster Quiz.”

Head over to the Windows Experience Blog to find out more about these apps. Best of luck in your pursuit of the perfect Oscars party.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff