The business benefits of saying ‘goodbye’ to Windows XP and ‘hello’ to Windows 8.1

By now you’re probably aware Microsoft is ending support for Windows XP on April 8, and Peter K. Han, Microsoft vice president of U.S. OEM, says he doesn’t want to repeat what you already know, but rather focus on the benefits to your business of using Windows 8.1.

Han, writing on the US Partner Team blog, points to four key areas where Windows 8.1 is the right fit for today’s businesses:

Mobility: Windows 8.1 was designed to maximize the mobile- and touch-focused computing world we live in. “Providing employees with the ability to work wherever, whenever and however,” is something that “just isn’t possible with Windows XP,” he writes.

Security: Hackers and cyber criminals have become more advanced since Windows XP came out, and new technologies and hardware focused around protecting your business have been developed. Windows 8.1 Pro is specially designed to take advantage of these new technologies and hardware.

Remote access: Whether it’s an unforeseen disaster, or a call from a client when you’re out of the office, Windows 8.1 Pro lets users create a Remote Desktop Connection to a PC for connection from anywhere, on any PC.

Efficiency: Windows 8.1 is designed for speed and productivity. “With a faster boot time, improved search and multi-tasking capabilities, cloud-based integration and enhanced multi-monitor support, your employees will find it easier to complete their daily tasks; while upgraded device management capabilities will have your IT administrator singing your praises.”

Read Han’s entire post, including information about cost savings on Windows 8.1 Pro, as well as on hardware from our OEM partners, on the US Partner Team Blog.

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff