Microsoft researcher Bill Buxton and Perceptive Pixel founder Jeff Han discuss the death and resurrection of 3D

Microsoft Research’s Bill Buxton, whose pioneering work in human-computer interaction helped build the foundation of ubiquitous computing, and Jeff Han, Microsoft general manager and Perceptive Pixel founder, discuss the repeated death and resurrection of 3D and how it can become more interactive and useful, as well as the future of display innovations, in Channel 9’s ongoing series, “Microsoft Research Luminaries.”

It’s the last in a four-part series of conversations of these two men, who also happen to be longtime friends, with both making you feel as if you’re sitting at the table with them.

The conversation between Buxton, author of “Sketching User Experiences,” and Han, a pioneer in multitouch interaction, stretched out over four weekly Wednesday discussions with host Larry Larsen.

Watch the video above, or on Channel 9, and catch up with previous episodes of the “Microsoft Research Luminaries” series.

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff