Bing Maps adds dual labeling, broader language support

Bing Maps announced the preview release of dual labeling, “neutral ground truth” (ngt) and additional language support on Wednesday. This update to the AJAX Version 7.0 control allows developers to create maps with labels in two different languages.

This map style can be useful in situations where a user does not know the local language. Showing labels in both the user’s native language and the local language can help with simplicity and comprehension.

In addition, the Bing Maps team has added support for the following languages:

  • de-AT German-Austria
  • de-CH German-Switzerland
  • fr-CH French-Switzerland
  • ko-KR Korean-Korea
  • pl-PL Polish-Poland
  • ru-RU Russian-Russia
  • zh-HK Chinese-Hong Kong SAR
  • zh-TW Chinese-Taiwan

To learn more about how to create a map with dual labels, head over to the Bing Maps Blog.

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David Chen
Microsoft News Center Staff