Needed: International convention on privacy and government access to data, says Microsoft exec

At Microsoft, establishing and sustaining trust with customers is essential, and with government access to data continuing to be a “hot topic,” Microsoft’s corporate vice president for Trustworthy Computing said Tuesday that one way to address the issue is to have an international convention to discuss privacy and government access to data.

“Microsoft will continue to push for policy and technical progress to restore public trust in technology, supporting increased transparency, sensible limits on data access and appropriate oversight,” Scott Charney said in a speech at the RSA Security Conference in San Francisco. “We will also push for greater coordination among governments. We believe that these steps are necessary to help restore the trust that is critical to the future growth of global IT systems, and that these steps can be achieved without undermining important public safety and national security concerns.”

You can read Charney’s full post on the Microsoft on the Issues blog.

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff