Indie game developer surpasses 3.5 million downloads on Windows devices in less than a year

“Dredd vs. Zombies”

James Valls knows what’s key in creating game app success: “User experience is everything,” he says. Valls is a senior producer at Rebellion, an independent game developer with three games, games, “Dredd vs. Zombies,” “Zombie HQ” and “Guns 4 Hire,” that have exceeded 3.5 million downloads on Windows devices in less than a year

“It is critical that you understand your audience and their input method,” he tells Emilio Salvador Prieto in an interview on the Windows Phone Developer Blog.

“When developing for mobile, and particularly if you choose a freemium model, the player has to enjoy your game as soon as he boots it up; every second he waits is a second during which he might turn off his device or choose another game. Players invest nothing to play a free game, so they won’t continue playing if they are not enjoying themselves right away.”

Rebellion’s biggest markets are the United States and UK, but its games are also popular in India, Thailand, Vietnam and Turkey, he says.

To read the full interview with Valls, head over to the Windows Phone Developer Blog.

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Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff