Use Bing to find tax forms faster

Tax time doesn’t have to be taxing, not when Bing makes it easy to find the one thing that people are searching for this time of year: tax forms.

As the Bing Search Blog reports, taxes are one of the most commonly searched topics, with spikes for tax-related searches starting in January and continuing through April. With almost two-thirds of U.S. citizens filing their own taxes, Bing has streamlined finding, downloading and printing out the forms.

When you search for tax forms or IRS forms (the most common tax-related searches) you’ll find instant access to those documents. If you know which form you’re looking for (e.g., 1040) Bing shows relevant information and quick links. If you don’t know where to start, type in “tax forms” or “IRS forms” and Bing reveals the most commonly searched-for forms. Other useful information appears at a glance, such as where to mail your taxes or where to e-File.

Besides tax forms, you can turn to Bing for other tax needs, including search tips, tricks and instructional videos. Head over to the Bing Search Blog for more information.

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Athima Chansanchai
Microsoft News Center Staff